Term 3 delivers our biggest timetable yet

Term 3 delivers our biggest timetable yet

By Nick Hose

Nothing will warm you up this winter and get your week off to a better start than our new half-spin/half-boxing Burn 45 group class on Monday mornings.

It’s one of many changes to our Term 3 timetable, which kicks off this Monday (July 15) and runs for 10 weeks through to September 21.

I’ll be taking the Monday morning class and for the next few terms we’ll be changing up the focus and shandying together activities to provide lots of variety to keep you inspired.

But for this term, it’s spin and boxing with approximately half the Burn 45 session dedicated to each – making sure both halves of your body feel the burn!

Another major change is the inclusion of a third Men’s Resistance Circuit on Monday evenings. I’ve been taking one of these sessions on Wednesday and Friday mornings and by doing another one on Mondays at 6pm we’re not only offering a third session for current participants, but an alternative time slot for those not suited to the morning sessions.

The circuit is a really fun hour of weights. We lift, chat, get fit and most importantly make sure men are lifting safely and effectively. It’s aimed at men over 30 who are looking to get in shape and stay in shape.

There’s more good news when it comes to our older members of the community, with a second Masters Class being added to our Group Classes timetable for Term 3.

Masters Class is an opportunity for seniors to safely and effectively workout together in a social environment.

The exercises are specifically designed to help seniors improve their cardiovascular system, maintain and improve bone density and improve balance.

Exercising also lowers the risk of developing serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and colon cancer, to name a few.

Remember if you’re a Platinum Gym Member ($25 per week) you can enjoy unlimited Group Classes for no additional cost. This is proving to be a great way for our members to enjoy lots of variety and flexibility to help them stay motivated and on track.

Our website has more information about our group classes, including a full Term 3 timetable and contact details should you wish to sign up or find out more.

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