Group Classes

Every school term, we offer a new timetable of group classes. These include;

We regularly include a Boxing Class with Emma. Boxing is open to any person who is looking to increase their overall fitness. No prior experience is required.

Ladies only circuit is a low impact resistance program targeted at women who wish to increase lean muscle mass, burn fat, improve bone density and increase overall strength through a structured weights circuit.

Pilates is a low impact, fitness based exercise class, suited to all ages. It helps strengthen core stabilising muscles, can improve your posture and increase your flexibility. It also promotes the mind/body connection and all classes finish with a five minute relaxation.

Powerbar consists of lifting a weighted bar and/or weight plates to music. Our Power Bar specialist choreographs specific exercises to music to make it easy to follow, specific and fun.

Spin is an intense exercise program suitable for all fitness levels. It’s perfect for weight loss, improving body tone and building endurance. Each class covers hill climbing, racing, sprinting, intervals and spinning. The class is extremely easy to follow and gives great results to all the key muscle groups.

We recently launched Family PT – a half-hour session with a personal trainer designed to help parents and their children exercise together and have fun at the same time.

Masters Class is a 45 minute group circuit designed to help older people exercise safely and effectively.

Yoga is great for people’s health and promotes good physical, emotional and mental wellbeing through a range of techniques – including postures and movement, breathing exercises, relaxation, concentration and even meditation.

Please view the timetable for scheduling details.

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