PT for the whole family

PT for the whole family

Sometimes getting to the gym isn’t that easy when you’ve got young children at home, but now the whole family can come and workout together at Nick Hose Fitness.

We recently launched Family PT – a half-hour session with a personal trainer designed to help parents and their children exercise together and have fun at the same time.

Gym owner Nick Hose said the sessions were not only convenient for young families, but also helped set children on the path to living an active, healthy lifestyle.

“I think everyone would concede that modern families are busier than they have ever been. Between work, school and after school activities, family members can be pulled in all directions and sometime fitness takes a back seat – particularly for parents,” he said.

“Our new Family PT sessions are designed to pull everyone together for some really positive interaction based on group exercises.

“We’ve already started working with one family, who come at 7am before school and they’ve been having lots of fun challenging each other and getting more active together.”

Nick said Hanna Fleming designed the sessions, which included some interval training, basic resistance exercises and also made use of things like the gym weight sled.

“Pushing each other up and down on the sled is so much fun for the children they barely realise they’re exercising. We’re seeing that at the end of the sessions, the children often want to do more because it’s fun and they’ve switched on for the day,” he said.

“Hanna changes each session to keep it fun and fresh each time and to build up the family’s collective fitness levels over time.

“I love seeing children use our gym and benefit from the facilities we have. For mums and dads, Family PT also provides them with an opportunity to get to the gym that they otherwise might find difficult with children at home in the mornings and evenings.”

Nick said the Family PT sessions were $40 and were available by appointment. He said morning or evening sessions could be scheduled to best fit in with busy families.

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