New in Term 3 | Discrete Circuit

New in Term 3 | Discrete Circuit

Sometimes walking through the front door of a gym can be a daunting thing. Often people are not comfortable with their shape or size and sometimes they’d just like to go to the gym in private without other people knowing about it. Does this sound like you?

At Nick Hose Fitness, we’re constantly listening to community members and working hard to provide opportunities for everyone to benefit from our state-of-the-art facilities.

We wanted to provide a new opportunity for anyone who didn’t feel comfortable enough to walk into Nick Hose Fitness and ask for our help and support.

So, in Term 3 we’re launching Discrete Circuit – a 45 minute stand-alone session in our private workout room. We’ll welcome participants through our rear door, which means our gym regulars on the main floor won’t even know they’re there.

Gym owner and personal trainer Nick Hose said he was pleased to be able to fit the new circuit into the gym’s extensive timetable of group classes, which also includes Men’s Resistance Circuit, Ladies Only Circuit, KidsFit, Exercise for Teens, Boxing, Masters Class, Metafit, Boot Camp, RIP, Mums and Bubs, Yoga and Powerbar.

“We think it’s important that everyone who wants to use our gym, can use our gym, and for some people taking that first step is too hard,” he said.

“Sadly, that lack of confidence can mean people choose not to take that step at all which means we aren’t able to help them become a happier, healthier version of themselves.

“That’s what Discrete Circuit is all about. People can turn up at 6am on Thursday mornings, Hanna will be there to welcome them at the back door and they can do a 45-minute circuit together without anyone even knowing they’re there.”

Nick said the first Discrete Circuit would be held on at 6am on Thursday, July 19 and people were welcome to call him to pre-book, or simply turn up and talk to Hanna.

“It’s an opportunity for anyone who feels anxious about coming to the gym, to do it in total privacy,” he said.

“Some Discrete Circuit participants may never feel comfortable on the main floor with our other members, but some might feel better about themselves, in time, and conquer that fear which would be another great outcome.

“What’s important is that everyone feels like Nick Hose Fitness is here for them and that we’ll protect their privacy and respect their wishes to workout discretely.”

Our website has more information about our group classes, including a full Term 3 timetable and contact details should you wish to sign up or find out more.

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