Exercise for Teens

Exercise for Teens

Negative body image is an increasing problem with young people and sadly it can lead to poor nutrition and over exercising. At Nick Hose Fitness, we’re on a mission to provide a much healthier alternative.

This coming Monday our new ‘Exercise for teens’ group class will get underway.

Exercise for Teens is a 45 minute class targeted at 14-17 year-olds who want to increase their strength and fitness through healthy and fun circuits and specific programming.

The purpose of the group is to educate teenage clients about what the body is capable of and how the body can adapt to healthy food choices and strength and conditioning training.

It will also help teens become proud of their strengths, rather than falling into the trap of focusing on their weaknesses.

Body image is strongly connected to self-esteem and life-style choices. An understanding that bodies come in different shapes and sizes with different strengths and weaknesses can lay great foundations for good physical and mental health later in life.

So if you’re a teen who is interested in getting stronger, fitter and healthier we invite you to come into the gym to register, call us on 5593 3229, or message us through Facebook and we will get you registered for the new class – which will have seperate sessions for males and females.

Alternatively, maybe you’re a parent who wants to get their child involved in a safe, welcoming group class. We also invite you to make contact with us to talk about the class and how it might help your child become a happier, healthier version of themselves.

The class is scheduled to begin on October 9 at 4.15pm. If there is enough support, we’d love to run 2 classes per week.

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